There is one thing that will impact our children above all else, and that is how we feel within ourselves.

−Dr. Lisa Firestone

These days, there are countless methods being introduced as the “best” way to parent. The truth is, whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home dad, there are many good and healthy ways to be a parent. There is no one-size fits all approach. While they vary greatly in technique, a flaw in many of these methods  is the exaggerated pressure on parents to look outward. Most parenting advice instructs on how to be with children in order to control or modify their behavior. Yet, research has shown that there is one thing all people can do to be a better parent…focus on themselves.

In order for parents to have a positive effect on their children, they must be willing to look at their own past. How does their childhood inform their style of parenting? Every person can hugely benefit their children by learning and practicing self-understanding. In this eCourse, Dr. Lisa Firestone and child mental health specialist Joyce Catlett will draw on 30 years of key research and their own clinical experience to introduce the compassionate approach to parenting. This five-week course will highlight vital steps all parents can take to better understand themselves and the ways they relate to and affect their children.

This eCourse will also include a special Live Q & A Session with Dr. Dan Siegel, internationally recognized child psychiatrist, interpersonal neurobiologist, and author.


The course will help parents to:

  • Exercise compassion toward themselves and their experiences
  • Make a cohesive narrative out of their story
  • Understand the deep emotions triggered by interactions with their children
  • Be mindful of influences from their past
  • Conquer critical self-attacks that undermine their ability to parent
  • Understand their attachment style with their own parents and their children
  • Learn to see and feel for their children as separate and unique individuals
  • Raise kids with a true sense of self-worth
  • Learn the essential distinction between self-compassion over self-esteem
  • Practice mindfulness and calmness in moments of stress
    Learn hands-on tools to acknowledge, communicate with and discipline their children


All course materials will be made available online for individuals to tune in at their own pace, including:

  • Weekly in-depth multimedia presentations
  • Videos from expert psychologists
  • Self-reflective journal exercises and quizzes
  • Enlightening reading assignments
  • Interactive forums
  • Live Q & A session