This eye-opening online course draws on scientific discoveries, innovative theory, and inspiring insights to shine light on how we can create relationships that thrive.

Most of strive to create and sustain vital and deeply satisfying romantic relationships over time. Yet, as relationships ride a river through inevitable challenges, many lose hope that real love and lasting connection can survive, much less thrive. This eye-opening online course with Dr.’s Daniel Siegel and Lisa Firestone draws on scientific discoveries, innovative theory, and inspiring insights to take a deep dive into the subject of love and connection. Their illuminating six-part course illustrates how through self-reflection and understanding, we can achieve an enlivening state of presence, joy, and joining in our loving relationships.

Weaving together the latest wisdom from neuroscience, attachment theory, and interpersonal neurobiology with their own combined six decades of working with couples, Siegel and Firestone offer valuable perspectives and applicable strategies that can transform romantic relationships. Their unique course highlights the many pathways we can explore in order to find connection and integration in everything from our attraction to our communication, from our intimacy to our very sense of self.


This eCourse will explore:

  • What elements are essential to a thriving relationship
  • How attachment history impacts relationships
  • The role of self and identity in a romantic relationship
  • The importance of both differentiation and linkage in preserving vitality
  • The benefits of presence in strengthening love and sexuality
  • The transformative power of collaborative communication
  • Strategies to create and maintain deeper, more vital connections


All course materials will be made available online for individuals to tune in at their own pace, including:

  • Video lessons with Drs. Dan Siegel and Lisa Firestone
  • Engaging, reflective exercises






Lessons include:

  • Part 1: Building Thriving Relationships and Lasting Connections
  • Part 2: Sexuality
  • Part 3: Attachment History and Connection
  • Part 4: Self and Identity in Relationships
  • Part 5: Strategies and Tools to Create Deeper, More Vital Connections