The most important battle you will fight is the one going on inside you – the real you versus your critical inner voice.

−Dr. Lisa Firestone

Each of us has an “inner critic” judging our every action and instructing us on how to live our lives. But how much are we letting this inner critic control us? Are our actions based on what we really feel and believe, or are we living our lives based on our inner critic’s negative programing? Learning to effectively overcome our ‘critical inner voice’ is central to all areas of life: personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and career success.

This six-week eCourse with Dr. Lisa Firestone, author of Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, will explore how to counter negative thinking and live free from the imagined limitations we place on ourselves. eCourse participants will learn how to identify the destructive thoughts or ‘critical inner voices’ that interfere in all areas of their lives and often lead to self-sabotage. Through multimedia-rich presentations, participants will discover the source of these negative thought patterns, as well as hands-on ways to combat them. Self-reflective exercises, such as journal activities and quizzes, will help individuals to differentiate from these internalized negative influences and live more fulfilling, goal-oriented lives. Participants will also learn effective tools that can be used to challenge and overcome these destructive inner thoughts and to more effectively cope with anxiety, depression, personal relationships, and career.

This eCourse is designed to help individuals who want to break free from self-critical thoughts and develop themselves to achieve their goals in life.


All course materials will be made available online for individuals to tune in at their own pace, including:

  • Weekly in-depth multimedia presentations
  • Videos from expert psychologists
  • Self-reflective journal exercises and quizzes
  • Enlightening reading assignments
  • Interactive forums
  • Live Q & A session