Emotions guide your life, understanding them can transform your life!

This eCourse offers a clear, comprehensive, and enlightening guide to understanding the importance of emotions.

4 CE Credits available to purchase for an additional $25. Details about purchasing CE Credits will be included in the eCourse. 

Researchers are now saying emotional intelligence is more important that IQ, with recent studies showing that it “predicts over 54% of the variation in success” in relationships, health, and quality of life. Emotions shape our lives in so many ways. They act as our internal compass, driving our actions and informing our desires. Our emotions have a powerful impact on all our relationships. Exploring your emotions and how they impact your life can help you develop yourself, transform your relationships, and change your life.

Join Dr. Les Greenberg, the primary originator and developer of Emotion Focused Therapy, and PsychAlive’s Dr. Lisa Firestone for an enlightening online course on understanding your emotions as an empowering tool to transform your life as an individual, a couple, or a therapist working with clients. This exclusive online course offers you the unique opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Greenberg who will illuminate his theory on the importance of emotions, which will empower you in  every aspect of your life. His course will break down how you can:

  • Gain awareness of how your emotions drive your life
  • Recognize the difference between adaptive and maladaptive emotions
  • Learn to understand, manage, and transform your maladaptive emotions
  • Develop strategies for accessing your healthy, adaptive emotions
  • Become more aware of primary emotions that are often covered over by secondary emotions that don’t serve you well
  • Understand how your past may be influencing your current emotions
  • Gain insight into relationship cycles and dynamics that may be destructive to your relationship
  • Identify your core wants and needs in life and relationships
  • Learn to express primary attachment and identity emotions more directly to experience more closeness in your relationships
  • Appreciate the power of emotional vulnerability
  • Build awareness, regulation, and transformation of emotions in order to facilitate change
  • Learn the principles and practices of Emotion Focused Therapy


Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Emotion

  • Lesson 2: Understanding Primary and Secondary Emotions
  • Lesson 3: The Difference Between Adaptive and Maladaptive Emotions
  • Lesson 4: Wants and Needs in Relationships
  • Lesson 5: The Importance of Vulnerability
  • Lesson 6: Common Cycles and Dynamics in Relationships
  • Lesson 7: An Introduction to Emotion Focused Therapy


All course materials will be made available online for individuals to tune in at their own pace, including:

  • Video lessons with Dr. Les Greenberg and Dr. Lisa Firestone
  • Exercises to use yourself or with clients to enhance your understanding of your emotions as they relate to your patterns, your past, and dynamics in your relationships
  • Practices to promote emotional resilience
  • Demonstrative video of Dr. Greenberg using EFT with a couple in a live therapy session