The Power of Emotion: An Emotional Education for Individuals, Couples, and Therapists

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my houses are always robbed, after years of trying to get help with all the financial abuse and mental stress. I am homeless. This was shocking to me, my daughter actually had this young woman come into our home as if i were sick. I wasn’t. she started rubbing my shoulders , she claimed to be a healer? she started sweating profusely, tears were running out of my eyes. ( I never believed in this). she actually robbed me of my health. while my daughter was missing. it seems to be religion at the for front of all the violence. people actually think that violence in Las Vegas was nothing, right before the shooting? . flooding into Nevada was thousands of insane attackers. the good police must have been out of town. I had been tricked into going to court that wasn’t even my divorce. I only saw them from behind. warm spring church and several other businesses just went nuts. i had a small adorable family that i adored. a few kids were left just outside when covid started.. these people acted so stupid with no sense of reasoning about our lack of safety in our own home. years ago a asked my aunt and uncle to move into our home with us, they thought nothing about all that fear. and just went home. my car was even taken never really speaking to me, someone so cruel would give them all lies to achieve their goal from 40 years ago to rob us of all our assets if we ever had any. all my life i tried to get someone to care and help me protect my child, i went to counseling, but no one else would go at all as if I were creating all my own home robbery, i was put in positions to be forced to rent a room to be able to make my house payment. you would never believe me if i told you how cruel. i applied for every job everywhere, i would get jobs in Nevada, they wouldn’t even pay me. that started in 13 with babysitting. they get powers of attorney when your a kid. and you don’t even know who your real parents were.. always talking to you in a demeaning manner was like a constant slap in the face.. so much interference i cant even speak to my own daughter, the community police don’t know how to mediate anything either. so many people butt into our lives? making it a lifetime of hell., but why?


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