“The fantastic news is that if you can make sense of your childhood experiences—especially your relationships with your parents—you can transform your attachment models toward security. The reason this is important is that relationships— with friends, with romantic partners, with present or possible future offspring—will be profoundly enhanced. And you’ll feel better with yourself, too!”   

~Dr. Dan Siegel

In this eCourse, Drs. Dan Siegel and Lisa Firestone will draw upon the latest neurobiological research, attachment theory and their clinical experience to guide you through the process of creating a coherent narrative in order to make sense of your life. This process can help you resolve old traumas, big and small, so that they no longer haunt you in your life today. When you create a coherent narrative, you actually rewire your brain to cultivate security within yourself and your relationships.

Through guided writing exercises and integrative activities, you will get to know yourself on a deep level. Additionally, this eCourse will provide you with tools for ongoing growth, so you can better integrate your emotions, heal insecure attachment and flourish in all your relationships.


This eCourse will:

  • Lead you through a fascinating process of self-discovery
  • Provide a framework for resolving childhood traumas
  • Clarify how childhood attachment patterns may be affecting your life today
  • Explain how you can develop a secure attachment in adulthood
  • Draw upon cutting edge neurobiological research to explain how you can rewire your brain to become more present, secure and empowered in your life today
  • Offer step-by-step guidelines for how to construct a coherent narrative
  • Provide you with tools for better understanding and integrating your emotions


All course materials will be made available online for individuals to tune in at their own pace, including:

  • Video lessons with Drs. Dan Siegel and Lisa Firestone
  • Writing exercises with detailed instructions leading you through the process of writing a coherent narrative
  • Tips for how to revise your narratives to make them more coherent
  • Practices to promote brain integration
  • Exercises to develop more secure attachment