Donna Rockwell – Meditation as a Way of Being in the World

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Colby Lehew

I needed to hear that. I always thought something was wrong with me because my mind races like crazy. I like the analogy where mediation is like getting to know a movie very well.

D'Atra Montgomery

I really appreciate her perspective and thoughts on this. As probably others do, everyday I have thoughts that pop up in my mind and I immediately take those thoughts and use them to fuel anxiety/worry and then I panic because I think I need to fix/solve/handle the something before something bad happens… which leads me to think something is wrong with me. I’ve heard the comparison of thoughts like clouds before, but I love the idea of viewing passing thoughts like a movie you’ve seen before. After hearing her, I see how now running thoughts isn’t something to try and fix, but to acknowledge them as well as the functionality of the mind …which then helps me manage it and not feel overwhelmed.


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